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Customer pays 6.3% escrow fee

Please note: We can only accept escrow to customers in the USA and Canada.

Receive your watch before you pay us.

We are so confident and guarantee your satisfaction, that we will use escrow.com to complete the transaction.

Escrow.com protects both buyer and seller by acting as a trusted third-party during the transaction and managing the payment process from start to finish.

Escrow is ideal for transactions over $500 because it provides added protection.

Services are provided by Escrow.com, a fully-licensed escrow provider, who has handled over a 1 billion dollars in secured transactions.

How it works:

Step 1:
The buyer and seller agree to the terms and details of the transaction.

Step 2:
The buyer sends payment to Escrow.com. Payment is verified and deposited into a trust account.

Step 3:
The seller ships the merchandise to the buyer, knowing that the buyer's payment is secured.

Step 4:
The buyer accepts the merchandise after having the opportunity to inspect it.

Step 5:
Escrow.com pays the seller after all conditions of the transaction are met.

Advantages for Both Buyer and Sellers:

  • Buyers and Sellers Know What to Expect: The buyer and seller view and agree to terms before the transaction begins.
  • Payments are Guaranteed: Instead of sending payment directly to the seller, the buyer sends payment to Escrow.com where it is held in a trust account.
  • Shipments are Safe: The seller may feel safe when shipping the merchandise to the buyer, knowing that the buyer's payment has been verified and is safely held by Escrow.com.
  • Inspect Before You Pay: If the buyer and seller agree to an inspection period, the buyer may examine the merchandise before payment is released to the seller (and if the buyer rejects the merchandise, the seller may inspect the merchandise upon return before payment is refunded to the buyer).

Once escrow confirms receipt of your payment we ship within 2-3 weeks. Once you receive the watch you have a 7 day inspection period. You cannot tamper with the watch or remove the see through wrapping.

Before you begin the transaction please contact us so we can confirm the amount and also give you the proper information in order to proceed with the purchase. please email us at:
Click Here To Email Us or call our sales hotline toll free at: 1-800-491-3074

Please Note: We can only accept escrow to customers in the USA and Canada.

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It is really a pleasure to own my daytona from you guys. I would have ended up spending lots of money, but am feeling blessed and thankful to you guys to save me the money. Your daytona is as perfect as it should be and am proud to show it to my friends

Arthur B. Fugate

I was scared to place an order with these guys because internet is full of scam, but I ordered. I was really surprised when my package arrived. It was a datejust, and I couldn't believe that it is not an original one. Thanks you guys.

Mckinley, Bedford

I already own a genuine Submariner since 10 years. I was planning for years to get another one, but never could accomplish this. My friend from USA told me about bestclones. I ordered one, and believe me it is not possible for a normal guy to distinguish the real one and cloned.

Logan Heath, Folda UK