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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a "Cloned" and "Grade 1" models?

This is our most asked question. There are only 55 "Cloned Models" produced. These are actual "Clones" and have replaced the "Grade 1" as the best replicas on the market. The "clones" are based on the newest style Rolex models, the Grade 1's were based on the classic rolex pre 2009. If the model is produced in a "Clone" it is no longer available in a "grade 1". So in essence there really isn't 2 different grades; If you want a yachtmaster then a grade 1 is your only option since its not produced in a clone anyway. We always carry the best quality for each model you sell that way you are assured of getting the top replica in the model you choose. The "clones" are better replicas because they are a newer production based on the latest rolex and come with the cloned movement so even if opened up by a jeweler it is very difficult to determine that is a replica.

How long will it take to receive my watch?

USA and Canadian Credit card orders placed before 2:00 est. Monday thru Friday will be shipped same day and arrive via FEDEX next day! We are the only swiss grade 1 dealer online that offers credit card next day air for all our swiss grade 1 rolex replicas. 95% of internet transactions are processed with credit cards which is the absolutely safest way to pay for merchandise online. For international credit card orders please allow 5-10 business days for delivery. COD orders are also shipped via next day and we also accept payments via Western Union or bank wire transfer. Discounts also available for multiple watch purchases and slower delivery times. You always receive 15% off when paying via Western Union or Bank Wire Transfer as well.

Warranty/Repair Issues?

All our watches now come with a 2 year warranty. We have an experienced certified master watchmaker on retainer with over 20 years experience working on swiss watches. This service is provided to you free of charge for being a bestclones customer. If you have purchased a watch elsewhere and would like to use our jeweler then please contact us for more information.

What if I'm not satisfied?

The fact that these are replica watches is irrelevant. When discussing quality the important factor to consider is that these are swiss timepieces which have been manufactured under very strict guidelines and are manufactured to last a lifetime. If such product were to be retailed in a department or jewelry store these replicas could easily command thousands of dollars. This along with the fact that the watch is virtually indistinguishable compared to a genuine ROLEX, you are getting a great value for your money. The same movement is found in genuine Omega, Breitling, Patek watches which sell for thousands of dollars more.

How can I trust you with my money?

We offer you the protection of purchasing with your major credit card. 98% of commerce on the internet is via credit card. This protects the buyer 100% so if there is an issue you simply contact your credit card company and dispute the charge as your credit card offers a layer of protection unlike cash. We are licensed vendors through VISA, MC and AMEX therefore we must maintain a clean record or we lose our merchant priviledges and would be held accountable. We have been in business since late 1999 and still continue to provide credit card services which proves our track record and business reputation. It's the same as going to bank for a loan, they will not hand out money to anyone only after a detailed credit check and financial history. Operating a merchant account is the same, internet merchant terminals are not simply provided to any business. There is a level of comfort knowing the merchant you are purchasing from has been scrutinized by the banks. We offer every type of payment method, credit card, COD, wire transfer and even escrow service. We are also the only company in internet history to offer NEXT DAY delivery for all credit card orders. So you get the to pay with the safest method and receive the fastest service, how can you beat that. Also, because you've made us number 1 on the internet we are now including Genuine Rolex Box sets with all our orders.

How safe is ordering from your site?

We guarantee you that ordering from our site is safer than ordering in real-life. We secure all your personal information through military-strength encryption programs. If any fraud is ever committed on your credit card, we will pay the maximum $50 penalty fee that your bank can hold you liable for. But we are more than sure this will never, ever happen. We also accept orders over the phone or by Fax.

Will no one ever be able to tell the difference?

The only way to detect whether your swiss replica is real or not is by opening up the back and determining the movement. Since its not a ROLEX movement that is the only way to tell the difference. However ETA movements are the same in terms of mechanics therefore visually it is impossible to tell since both movements sweep 28,800 vibrations per hour. We are certain that from the outside is virtually impossible to tell the difference.

. These Swiss replicas are so rare that no one knows about them. The factory only have a capacity to make a small quantity each year since they are individually hand-crafted.
. The quality of the material is the same found on a genuine Rolex. The manufacturer uses only high grade solid stainless steel, and solid, genuine 18k gold. This way, the weight and the feel of the watch is identical. The stainless we use is now 904L stainless steel which is used by Rolex. 904L steel is much higher quality than 440, which is found on other sites.
. All our swiss replicas are now pressure tested to 5 bars so they are waterproof to 164 feet, 50 meters! Additional seals have been added.
. Would we offer you the ability to use the escrow service if we weren't certain that you would be happy?

Why would I want to purchase a Swiss replica?

There may be several reasons:

1) You want a genuine Rolex watch, but the price is too ridiculous.
2) You want to impress your friends or business clients.
3) You want to put your replica through wear and tear because you don't want to damage your genuine Rolex.

The main reason why you want to purchase a Swiss replica instead of a regular replica is because it is almost impossible to tell the difference between our replicas and the real thing. A regular, China-made, and even the Japan-made fakes, are mass-produced. That is why they don't have all the fine details and craftsmanship of a genuine Rolex.

The most important factor is that these are quality swiss watches regardless of the fact that they are "Replicas" Similar quality items retail for thousands of dollars, as the movements in our watches can be found in authentic Cartier, Omega and many other high end swiss models.

Are all Swiss replicas on the net the same?
No. Just like with the Asian replicas, there are different grades of qualities even for these Swiss replicas. The first grade, which is the type some retailers sell (and try to represent them as 27-jewel ETA replicas), carries a movement that is a copy of the Swiss ETA movement. Although these are very high in quality as well, the truth is, you are not getting a genuine ETA movement, nor are you getting the same craftsmanship as in our Swiss replicas. Because of the high price and materials used you will not find a swiss grade 1 replica anywhere on the internet for under $750. If you do then we are almost certain that that watch will not be a true swiss or have a genuine ETA movement. As the saying goes "you get what you pay for" and this is no different with swiss watches. You cannot purchase a swiss retail for $400-$700, as the movement alone is worth $150. Also if you look closely, when looking at some of the so-called swiss replicas in the $400-$700 you will clearly see that their 2-tone watches ARE NOT SOLID GOLD, they are WRAPPED GOLD which is a clear indication that they are not swiss. Only swiss grade 1 watches have SOLID GOLD on the 2-Tone models.

What EXACTLY are the movements of these Swiss replicas?

Up until 2006, the only movements in genuine swiss rolex replicas were ETA based 25 jewel movements, caliber numbers: 2824-2, 2834-2, 2836-2 and 2893-A2. These are world renowned movements that are used in Genuine Cartier, Omega and even Rolex tudor watches. As of April 2006, bestclones Grade 1 replicas are equipped with an upgraded 27 Jewel movement that is produced by the OS Watch Company. Oris has taken a base 25 Jewel ETA movement to produce a higher quality mechanism rivaling even a genuine rolex movement. OS 643, ETA caliber 2892-2 comes with a whopping 38 hour power reserve and a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour which is identical to a real rolex engine. This movement is in a class by itself and briding the gap between a genuine and replica watch. Without a doubt these are simply the finest replica watches available anywhere and even comparable to other fine watch brands. DAYTONA BREAKING NEWS! ETA/Valjoux has recently stopped selling their Valjoux 7750 and 7753 automatic chronometer movements to non-original manufacturers. This has caused a huge demand for authentic Valjoux movements which reflects in our new pricing. The movement alone is selling for up to $700. So if you see a daytona on the internet for under $1,500 please beware because you will be receiving an Asian replica. We at bestclones will only sell Real Swiss movements in our watches as have been doing for the last 10 years.

How sharp are the fonts on the face?

The fonts on the face are all accurate and extremely sharp. No one can ever tell the difference just by looking at them, or any other parts of the watch. Check out some of the close-up pictures for more information.

Can you swim in them?

Yes, you most definitely can! The scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass face will make sure the watch holds together even at great depths. The top quality solid stainless steel construction will prevent salt water from eating into the watch. And the fine craftsmanship will guarantee your watch will never break down under water. The new 2013 replicas are now 5 bar sealed with additional gaskets and are water tested to 164 feet!

You say your watches are 99% exact to the real thing. Where did the 1% go?

If I say that our watches were 100% exact to the real thing, Rolex would be out of business. What you can expect is an amazing watch that will last you just as long as any genuine Rolex. The Swiss replica contains genuine Swiss-made parts, and is individually hand-crafted just like a genuine Rolex. The biggest difference between our watches and a genuine Rolex is that our watches do not undergo the same tests that a genuine Rolex undergoes. The procedures our manufacturer use to test the watches is slightly different, and less strict. Nevertheless, the watch is constructed to perfection and we guarantee that you will not be disappointed with it in any way.

Will the materials on your watches ever fade?

Not on our 2-Tone solid gold watches or all Stainless Steel watches. You may have seen cheaper fakes that have faded on you in the past. That is because all watches that are not Swiss replicas cannot afford to use solid stainless steel, or even real gold. The stainless steel on those watches are just plated on, and the gold is always fake gold. The thin plating usually lasts for a few months only on Asian replicas, before the acid on your sweat starts corroding it. After that, the stainless steel/fake gold will wear off, and all you see is a cheap base metal. Even on the higher quality Japanese Replicas, the genuine gold is plated much thicker. However, it will eventually fade off after few years.

However, our new EIGHT-Wrapped watches (exclusive to bestclones) come with DOUBLE the gold content found on the older style quad-wrapped watches. Eight Wrapped watches can last many years and still look new. It really depends on how the owner takes care of the watch, how often it is worn and whether its been subject to saltwater. Theoretically, the gold on the eight-wrapped watches never wears off. It is usually the salt from very acidic sweat that will eat into the gold. This causes the gold to corrode. However, this happens even on genuine gold. Genuine gold will simply turn a very dark, black color, whereas eight-wrap gold can slowly wear off because of chemical reactions. Therefore, any type of gold is always advisable to be kept away from very acidic sweat and salt water. Maintenence tips are always included with every watch to insure an extended lifetime for decades to come! From past experiences, we have noticed that even when a wrapped watch begins to fade, more often then not, it is the band that will go first, so there is always the option of purchasing just a band down the line which will cost you only $150 and bring your watch back to life. Considering that solid gold watches will cost you at least $4,500 USD this is a great alternative.

Like the old adage goes... you get what you pay for. And we guarantee it 100%.

Can these really fool everyone?

We can't tell you what someone else will assume but we can tell you that all our watches are 2013 Upgraded Grade 1 Swiss Replicas and they are comparable in quality to Genuine Omega/Cartier style swiss watch. These Rolex Replicas are swiss made and are manufactured under very strict guidelines. If you were to take apart the watch and try to price each individual piece (movement, band, etc.) the cost would be well over double the price for the entire watch. Please keep this mind, although many of our models retails for around $1000.00, they are certainly worth much more than that on an open market.

Warranty/Repair Issues?

All our watches now come with a 2 year warranty. We have an experienced certified master watchmaker on retainer with over 20 years experience working on swiss watches. This service is provided to you free of charge for being a bestclones customer. If you have purchased a watch elsewhere and would like to use our jeweler then please contact us for more information.

Are the pictures on your site taken from the actual replica or the genuine watch?

You may be amazed by some of the pictures we have up on our website. Because of their quality, you might think they are from catalogs of the genuine watch. But that is NOT true! We have an in-house professional photographer taking the pictures for us, and he has taken pictures for a few watch catalogs before.
As a matter of fact, many other sites steal our pictures to place up on their own website. If you email us at Click here we can send you a link to an online catalog where thousands of more detailed pictures of our products can be viewed simply because there wasn't enough room on the website. We also offer many other models and styles that are not available on the website since they are "special orders" so please make sure to inquire and ask for our online catalog!

We guarantee 100% that all pictures taken from our site are actual pictures of our Swiss Rolex replicas! The watches look exactly as represented in the pictures, and we never, ever use anyone else's pictures, or pictures of the genuine watch. If you have any doubts at all about buying the watch, just remember that we have a money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose! Also, because you've made us number 1 on the internet we are now including Genuine Rolex Box sets with all our orders.

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It is really a pleasure to own my daytona from you guys. I would have ended up spending lots of money, but am feeling blessed and thankful to you guys to save me the money. Your daytona is as perfect as it should be and am proud to show it to my friends

Arthur B. Fugate

I was scared to place an order with these guys because internet is full of scam, but I ordered. I was really surprised when my package arrived. It was a datejust, and I couldn't believe that it is not an original one. Thanks you guys.

Mckinley, Bedford

I already own a genuine Submariner since 10 years. I was planning for years to get another one, but never could accomplish this. My friend from USA told me about bestclones. I ordered one, and believe me it is not possible for a normal guy to distinguish the real one and cloned.

Logan Heath, Folda UK